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This gorgeous girl began my love for the breed and the beginning of my program! She has the most wonderful temperament and the personality to cheer anyone up. Phoenix gave us one absolutely gorgeous litter and was the best dog I could have ever asked for the begin this journey with, she was a fabulous mother to her one and only litter. Phoenix is now retired and soaking up that luxurious life with family of mine that lives nearby. 


Veda is a one of a kind girl and very loved by her her family that she has been with since the beginning, my parents and siblings. Veda just like her mother Phoenix was a great mother to her babies but due to unfortunate circumstances throughout the late stages of her pregnancy and an emergency cesarean Veda was retired early. The well being of my dogs will always come first before anything else.



Vixen is our one of a kind girl. She is very headstrong but is always ready for what you toss her way! One of the best girls I’ve ever had the pleasure of raising and so smart too! Vixen gave us two stunning litters that have puppies that went to be service dogs and of course our very own vision. Vixen is now retired and living her best spoiled life here with us and being the best babysitter you could ask for! 

The Retirees : Our retired girls
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