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Due to no fault of his own Sarge is being returned to us, he is from our 2022 Vogue/Vincent litter and is only 15 months. This is a hard decision for his family to make but they want what is best for him. I am told he is house and kenneled trained, he is a women’s dog completely as he is not entirely sure of men but we will work on that.



Vogue is super spunky and what I would call a tomboy! She’s very energetic but very obedient at the same time although she does have a high prey drive so small animals would not be a good fit with her. 



Ryker is an older boy and is good with female dogs but unfortunately does not do well with dominate male dogs, cats or young children. He would do best in as a single dog. 



Tink is such a wonderful, sweet girl but definitely has a rambunctious side to her. She loves to romp and play and gets along with any dog she’s met but she does like to chase small animals so would probably do best without cats or other small animals in the house. 

Available Adults: Available Adults
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